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Import Financing

Product Introduction
L/C Issuance
To protect both the interests of you and your supplier, Letter of Credit (LC) is the best instrument. Per your instruction, we are pleased to issue a LC on your behalf, which promises to pay if the documents are complied with the LC.
Back-to-Back L/C
As a trade intermediary, you can extend the payment instrument of your buyer to your supplier by issuing a Back-to-Back Letter of Credit (BBLC). By using BBLC, you can avoid  disclosing the identity or details of your ultimate buyer and supplier. Once you give us the original L/C (called "master L/C"), we will issue another L/C (called "baby L/C") with smaller amount for the same lot of goods to your supplier.
Inward Bills Collection
Inward bills collection is a secure, cost effective instrument for trading internationally which allows you to receive goods before making payment. When your suppliers send the documents to us through their bankers, we will release the documents to you when your supplier’s payment terms are fulfilled.
There are two types of inward bills collection:
Documents against Payment (D/P), where we will release the documents to you against if you have fully paid;
Documents against Acceptance (D/A), where we will release the documents to you against your acceptance of the bill of exchange (draft) promising payment at a later date.
Import Invoice Financing
If you are trading with your supplier on an open account basis, you can also obtain financing from us by presenting your supplier’s invoice. You can pay off the loan at a later date after the sales proceeds of the goods are agreed.
Shipping Guarantee
Shipping Guarantee enables you to take delivery of the goods prior to the receipt of shipping documents. So whenever the goods arrive earlier than the arrival of documents, we can help you to arrange shipping guarantee to deliver goods by countersigning the shipping guarantee to the shipping company. This allows you to avoid demurrage charges and possible losses due to deterioration of goods.
Product Functions
1. Reduction of capital tied up. Import and resell merchandise with bank funds and make profits without occupying working capital.
2. Grasp market opportunities. The product can assist importers in obtaining document of title to goods, picking up goods and reselling in the case that payment for goods could not be made immediately.
3. Enhancement of bargaining ability. It can help importers in enhancing their bargaining ability when dealing with exporters by converting the payment at forward into payment at spot, or shortening the duration of forward payment.
4. Less financial expense. Customer can choose funding currency type on the basis of interest rates of different currencies in order to save financial expense.