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Export Financing

Product Introduction
LC Advising
Benefiting from our extensive network in mainland China and our worldwide correspondent banking coverage, we receive most of the  LCs issued from your buyers’ bank and provide speedy and reliable LC advising service.
LC Confirmation
To reduce the credit risk and country risk of the LC issuing bank, you may request your buyers to insert the term "Add Confirmation" in the L/Cs advised by us. After that, we have shared the same responsibilities and obligations as the L/C issuing bank.
LC Transfer
As a trade intermediary, once you received a transferable LC, you can request us to transfer LC to your supplier wholly or partially. By using this service, you don’t need to have any banking facilities with us. However, the name of the buyer and that of the supplier will be disclosed.
Negotiation/ Discount of Export Bills under LC
By using our bills negotiation/ bills discounting services, you can obtain fund and speed up the payments to you after shipping the goods. After presenting the shipping and/or financial documents to us, we will negotiate when purchasing a Sight Bill of Exchange and when purchasing a Usance Bill Of Exchange if the documents are in full compliance with the terms and conditions of the L/C.
Outward Bills Collection
With our Outward Bills for Collection services, you can simply present your documents and we will send to your buyer's bank. Documents will be released to your buyer upon payment or against acceptance: Documents against Payment (D/P), where the presenting bank releases the documents to the buyer only against fully payment; and Documents against Acceptance (D/A), where the presenting bank releases the documents to the buyer against acceptance of a bill of exchange (draft) promising payment at due date.
Export Invoice Discounting
For doing business with the provision of credit terms to your buyers, you can apply for our export invoice discounting services. By using this banking facility,  we can provide you with a short-term loan against your invoice and evidence of delivery of goods.
Packing Loan
If you need pre-shipment financing to settle production costs or manufacturing fees after receiving an export LC for your sale of goods. You might want to consider taking up packing loan facilities against the security of the L/C. We can provide you with financing to secure your goods for quick shipment to your buyer for payment.
Product Functions
1. The procedures are much simpler compared with working capital loans.
2. It can increase cash inflow of the current period in order to improve the financial standing and capacity in financing of customers.
3. Customers will have access to receivables management service provided by ABC, along with relief from the work of receivables management.
4. Customers are able to sell their foreign exchange earlier to hedge against the risk of foreign exchange rate.