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Other Trade Financing

Product Introduction
When the export receivables are guaranteed by your buyer's bank and you want instant cash to relieve your balance sheet and improve your liquidity, you can request us to purchase the receivables. In forfeiting, all of the following risk could be absorbed without recourse or residual liability, i.e. country Risk (Political & Transfer Risk), currency risk, commercial risk and interest rate risk.
Standby Letter of Credit
Standby letter of credit (included guarantee or bond) give your partners an assurance that you will comply with the terms of the contract/agreement for your payment and performance obligations. They can help to strengthen your bids for new contracts in new markets. A standby letter of credit states that you will fulfill your obligation, otherwise your customers will be compensated by us.
Product functions
1. Forfaiting is a method of trade finance without recourse, i.e., you will not be liable for the risks of the debtor's breach of contract once obtaining advances from ABC.
2. Forfaiting is procedurally simple as it does not require additional security since it is based solely on the credibility of the correspondent bank.
3. The cash ABC advances in forfaiting helps improve your financial condition and solvency, and further, increases your financing capability.
Standby Letter of Credit
1. Adjustable according to the specific needs of customers.
2. The bank assumes the obligation of performance.
3. The fee is fixed.