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Bilateral Loan

Product Introduction
ABC Dubai Branch provides multi-currency bilateral loan to the client for working capital, project financing and other general corporate purposes.The tenor is flexible and competitive, ranging from 1-5 years and the interest rate is offered according to different borrowers.
A bilateral loan is formed between the bank and its individual customer. It is used to provide short-term liquidity and for the purpose to renew and expand fixed assets.
Product functions
1. A Bilateral Loan enjoys a quicker approval process. Overall, a Bilateral Loan has greater flexibility over a Syndicated Loan or debt market financing.
2. Lending terms can be tailored to the individual customer’s needs such as amount and interest period.
3. A Bilateral Loan enjoys greater confidentiality than other forms of financing. All terms are kept confidential between the Bank and the Customer.
4. Agricultural Bank of China has a team of professionals that can customize a bilateral loan solution for the borrower in a timely manner.