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Safety Assistant

1.The official website of AGRICULTURAL BANK OF CHINA DUBAI BRANCH (“ABC DUBAI”) Online Banking System is "http://www.uae.abchina.com/". Customers are reminded that they should not access their Online Banking accounts through hyperlinks embedded in e-mails or Internet search engines.
2.At all times keep the Online Banking Account Number, user details and password of Security Key confidential; do not disclose or share, and  inform the users, Authorized Administrators and Operators not to disclose or share any user details to any person; in particular, not to send user details and/or account information  through email; and never assign the same password for accessing other website. Do not disclose your personal information such as identity card/passport number, address, date of birth etc. to any persons or websites when in doubt.
3.Logout the service, clear the browser cache after a banking session  and then close the browser. Do not leave the computer unattended after logging to Online Banking system. Avoid accessing the Online Banking Service using a shared computer in public places such as cafes or bars with internet access.
4.Access Online banking system only through secured  wired or wireless networks to ensure unauthorised access.
5.Take caution of hackers and virus infection when sending and receiving emails, visiting and disclosing personal/financial information to unknown websites and  suspicious/spam emails and downloading attached files in suspicious/spam  emails.
6.Install proper firewall and anti-virus software and update them with security patches or newer versions on a regular basis to strengthen the security of the computers. Ensure your operating system and related softwares are updated. Deactivate all sharing and remote desktop connection function to prevent any invasion from spyware to your computer.
7.Do not select the option on browsers for storing or retaining user name and the password of the the online banking.
8.Use passwords that are unique and complex, do not use your identity card number, telephone number, date of birth, QQ number, driving license number, mobile phone number, account number or regular pattern number sequences (such as 123456) when choosing the password of Security Key; and donot use the same digit as password of different accounts.
9.Please memorize your password. Do not store the password on any third-party online storages or softwares or manually write on any materials, or record password in any way without securing it.
10.Be vigilant to the surroundings before inputting the password and performing any banking transactions, and make sure that no one sees the password.
11.For security reason, change the password regularly.
12.Notify ABC DUBAI of any change of your information (including without limitation to your mobile phone number, contact number, email address and correspondence address) as soon as such change occurs and ABC DUBAI shall not in any event be held liable for any loss or damage suffered resulting from or in connection with your failure or breach in following the above precautions.
13.Do not use the Security Key after it has been cancelled or revoked or has otherwise become invalid.
14.Keep your bank statements, Security Key, cheque books, other important documents and any security media/devices for accessing Online Banking in a safe and secured place. If you want to discard any documents that contain your personal information, destroy them in a standard secured way.
15.Under no circumstances shall ABC DUBAI, by way of email, telephone or any other channels, ask your password or secured information. In addition, ABC DUBAI will not ask you to access ABC DUBAI website by clicking hyperlinks attached to any email.
16.Do not fall into money-laundering scams. Be aware of any "business opportunity" that involves receiving or holding money for strangers.
17.Report any unusual/unauthorized transactions in your statement immediately. Any errors or discrepancies should be reported to ABC DUBAI within  two weeks. ABC DUBAI reserve the right to regard the statement as conclusive should you fail to report any unusual/ unauthorized transactions within the specified period.
18.Ensure maximum security when transferring money online. Always keep the electronic receipt for fund transfer and bill payment transactions.
19.If you have any security incidents, complaint, or suspect a fraud case, please contact us at our dedicated number immediately.
20.ABC DUBAI may invalidate your user ID, Security Key and Password without prior notice to you.
21.To protect your account from unauthorized access and being misappropriated, please contact us immediately if your Emirates ID and/or Passport and/or identity card and/or bank cards and/or Security Key and/or user id with passwords and/or security seal holding your login details are lost or stolen or tampered.